The teachers shall,

  1. Always be punctual in attending to duties in the Institute java 이미지 다운로드.
  2. Always teach the curriculum after making thorough preparation for the subject to be taught.
  3. Treat all students with love and affection and be just and impartial to all irrespective of caste, creed, sex, status, religion, language and place of birth 센스톡 무료 다운로드.
  4. Guide the students in their physical, social, intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual development.
  5. Take notice of the individual needs and differences among students in their socio-cultural background and adapt his/her teaching accordingly 퀵베이직 다운로드.
  6. Refrain from divulging confidential information about students except to those who are legitimately entitled to it.
  7. Refrain from inciting students against other students, teaches or administration Download The Apocalypse Seraph.
  8. Set a standard of dress, speech and behaviour worthy of example to the students.
  9. Respect basic human dignity of children while maintain discipline in the Institute 후지쯔 다운로드.
  10. Work actively to strengthen national integration and spirit to togetherness and oneness
  11. Respect Indian culture and develop positive attitudes towards it among students 전자 이력서 다운로드.
  12. Be an exemplary figure.


  1. Students submitting the original documents in the college office should keep sufficient photocopies of the same 고용량 이미지 다운로드.
  2. Students must regularly read the notices put up on notice board of the Institute.
  3. Students should contact office staff for any queries Download the archbook.


  1. Attendance at lectures, tutorials and practicals if any is compulsory. A student has to attend college as per ordinance O.6086 of the University of Mumbai 스냅스 앱 다운로드. For details, please refer to.- Ordinance attached.
  2. Students are required to wear their identity card when they are in the college campus and must produce it whenever called upon to do so by the authorities Download annabelle subtitles.
  3. Students must be formally dressed from Monday to Thursday when on campus. For Friday to Sunday they must be in smart casuals.
  4. Students must not loiter about or congregate in and around the Institute premises while classes are being conducted.
5. Students shall do nothing either inside or outside the college that will, in any way, interfere with the orderly functioning of the college.
  1. Mobile phones if any, shall be switched off on the college campus. If found using it, the student will be liable to have his/her mobile phone confiscated or will have to face any disciplinary action taken by the college authorities
  2. Students are prohibited from carrying mobile phones into the examination hall. Carrying of mobile phones into the examination hall amounts to unfair means.
  3. Students should, in their own interest, read the notices placed on the notice boards from time to time.
  4. If the continuance of a student in the college is detrimental to the best interests or discipline of the college, the Principal may direct such a student to leave the college. The decision of the Principal shall be final and binding on the student concerned.
  5. Students joining the college are required to abide by all the Rules, Regulations and Instructions that are issued by the college authorities from time to time and to sumbit to the normal enforcement of the same to the satisfaction of the college authorities, whose decision in all matters shall be final.
  6. Students are required to note that ‘SMOKING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED IN THE COLLEGE CAMPUS’.Defaulters will be liable for disciplinary action.