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Navinchandra Mehta Institute of Technology (NMITD) Library is one of the largest tangible as well as intangible treasure of knowledge for students and staff. NMITD Library resources are an amalgamation of number of study material formats. As on date it has a collection of about 11,000 books, 17 National and International journals/magazines and 250 non-printed material and online databases organized into different viable branches (MMS & MCA). It was intended that it should be a library of reference, a working place for students and repository of material for the future historians of the society.

Library Resources: The total collection of the library has been segregated into various sections for the convenience of organization and reader’s services. These are as follows:

  • General Collection: The general collection provides theoretical exposure to various disciplines and has a strong collection in text books and reference books form.
  • Reference Material: The resources of the Reference Section contain a strong reference collection in periodicals i. e. journals and magazines in different spheres of knowledge. It is the policy of the NMITD Library to update these reference sources periodically.
  • Digital Resources: In addition to normal printed documents library has developed non-print media collection especially for research purposes. That includes AICTE mandatory online database namely J-Gate, EBSCO, etc. We also consistently subscribing to ‘SAGE’ online and print academic journals. We provide Web based services with the help of such databases.
  • Popular Fiction/Non-Fiction Books: We also have a collection of popular fiction as well as non-fiction books in English as well as regional languages. The library keeps on updating this collection to attract young students into the library.

Library Services: Dnyanada strives to provide innovative services to students and staff

  • Book Bank Service: Book Bank facility is provided to SC/ST Students on receipt of their requisite forms. Books regarding syllabus are issued to students for each semester and taken back after final examination. Shikshan Shulka Samiti, Mumbai had provided funds for this scheme in the year 2016. 
  • E-Book Shelf: This a recent innovative practice started at Dnyanada since COVID19 pandemic, where-in a virtual e-book shelf is created and shared with students. The books included in these small e-book shelves are curated from those in the syllabus. It helps students of both MCA and MMS get their needed books in a single virtual place, making it convenient for them. 
  • Daily News Headlines on WhatsApp: This is another practice where every morning students and staff receive their daily news headlines along with the news link delivered on their WhatsApp groups.
  • Mindful Month: ‘Mindful Month’ is a monthly compilation of Business, Economics, IT and ITC related NEWS appeared in daily news papers.
  • Multi-Media Enabled Internet Services: In addition to the collection development process, the Library has been venturing in the field of information and communication technology by providing strong infrastructure support to use IT gadgets. The Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) has been activated for search of library material. In addition to the OPAC services. Library is fully equipped with high-bandwidth Wi-Fi access. 
  • We have previous year’s university question paper sets arranged semester wise for reference use.
  • We also have kept last five years’ research papers and projects for reference use, submitted by our ex-students. We have checkerX software in library as well, so that the students will be able to check the plagiarism before submitting to research article.
  • Library has been allotted few sessions to conduct training related to SWAYAM, NDLI CLUB, NPTEL and to communicate OPEN source material available on internet.
  • You also can ‘Ask a Librarian” your queries related to library through our institute website under library webpage. You can request to re-issue a book and can confirm whether library is open on certain day. Such kind of queries we have already received from your seniors.



Library is conducting national workshops every year since 2017 till the date. During pandemic library conducted two online webinars on Microsoft Teams platform.  Library had also conducted on National Conference in the 2017. Visit our library workshops page for details about our past workshops.

Library Celebrates:

  • Vachan Prerna Divas : 15th October
  • मराठी राजभाषा दिवस :  27th February



  • Use of Library is strictly reserved for students possessing a Library Membership Card and who are wearing Identity Card.
  • Library remains open from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. Library remains close on Sunday and public holidays.
  • Deposit your personal belongings at the Property Counter.
  • Students have to take care of their valuables. Library will not be responsible for any loss of valuables.
  • Mobile phone to be kept on silent mode before entering in the library.
  • Since our library has open access, personal books, magazines are not allowed in the Library.
  • Eatables are not allowed in the Library.
  • Please make an entry of the book which you will be referring in the Library.
  • Enroll your name in the register for the use of Library computer.
  • Do not make any marks on the book. Fine will be charged for the damage of books.
  • Renewal or re-issue of the book is allowed only once in the regular course.
  • This facility is not allowed during examination time.
  • All readers are required to maintain discipline in the Library.
  • Our Library practices an Open Access System.
  • Two Scholar Cards for three Toppers from Every Semester with One Year Validity.
  • Online Membership for British Council Library.
  • Online Journals and e-Books and e-Journals through EBSCO and J-Gate.
  • Training for SWAYAM, NDLI CLUB, EBSCO database, J-Gate database
  • Reprographics Services for Students.
  • Suggestion Box for Suggestions and Grievances.
  • News Bulletins for Students and Faculties through WhatsApp.
  • We Allow Students to Buy Book of Their Choice for Library.
  • Students can Ask Their Queries from Remote Area through Institute Website via “Ask Librarian”.
  • Book Bank Scheme for SC Students Funded  by Samaj Kalyan.
  • Resource Sharing: Students have Access to DES’ Mumbai Campus Institute Libraries.
  • Library Footfall System Software(Developed by Our Own MCA Students)

Note: The main purpose of these rules is to safeguard the common interest of all students and to enable the Library to carry out its functions as efficiently as.
Students are reminded that these rules have the force of Regulations for Discipline by the Disciplinary Committee.


Dr. Shamala N. Muzumdar,
HOD, Dept. of Library,
M.A., M. Lib. Sc., M.H.R.D.M., Ph. D. in Library & Information Sc.
Email ID:
Contact:  022 6276 4589

Dr. Leena J. Sonavane,
Assistant Libraian,
M.A., B.Ed., M. Lib, Ph. D. in Library & Information Sc.
Email ID:

Mrs. Darshana D. Dhuri,
Library Clerk, DES’s NMITD A., M. Lib. Sc.,
Email ID:

Mr. Sandesh Divekar,
Library Attendant, DES’s NMITD
Email ID:


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