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Code of Ethics The institution has a stated code of Ethics to check malpractices and plagiarism in Research:


Institute requires that all research carried out at all levels is conducted according to high ethical standards orcad 16.3 다운로드. The syllabus of both the programmes include research projects, research papers internships etc. To facilitate the research activity the institute avails research databases like J-Gate, EBSCO, PROQUEST, IEEE, CRISIL etc 환락송 다운로드. Plagiarism software is used to check authenticity of the research work. The provisions for ethical approval assist researchers, supervisors and students doing research to identify appropriate issues and to address these in the structuring of research proposals new hymn full song mp3.

Code of Ethics @ DES’s NMITD :

  1. Research should be designed, reviewed and undertaken to ensure integrity, value and quality.
  2. Researchers must ensure their proposed research projects follow the ethical guidelines of an appropriate learned society recognised by their Faculty.
  3. All researchers’ projects with human participants should aim to avoid or minimize social harm to groups and individuals. Risk assessment appropriate to each research project will be undertaken. The research proposal must have an undertaking that the response of the respondents is voluntary and is not influenced by any factor.
  4. Participants should be fully informed about the purpose, methods, and intended possible use of the research. Where there are exceptions to this, the purpose and rationale of such research projects will be fully considered, as appropriate, before approval is given.
  5. The interests of research participants should be considered at all stages of the research projects.
  6. Research outcome should be made accessible.
  7. Any conflict of interest must be declared during the approval process.
  8. All the research papers/ material would be checked for plagiarism.
  9. Researcher must maximize the project’s utility for the benefit of society.